I have been teaching weekly classes in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa since 2005 when I completed my yoga teacher training at   

Downward Dog, Toronto. The yogis of that era who I had the perfect timing to be taught and inspired by were musicians, healers, and
spiritual philosophers and renegades.


Whether steeped in tradition (Ashtanga) or creatively informed by it (Vinyasa) the foundation as taught to me remains consistent today:

a moving meditation powered by breathwork, in exploration of the present moment, receptive and adaptable to life’s ebbs and flows of mood and energy so necessary to sustain a long-term love relationship with practice. There is space for growth, reflection, modification.

I am humbled by its grace, it’s playful balance of movement and stillness. The knowing line between courageous challenge and ego are respected. Trespass is non-negotiable.

It is this practice that shaped me into an intuitive. I am made whole by this practice because it integrates physical, emotional,

and energetic expression.

This is my practice and how I teach. 

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