Reiki is a subtle, intuitive and guided form of energy medicine. It helps heal physical and psycho-emotional layers that encase the core of our being.


As a reiki practitioner I am the conduit through which healing energy is transmitted. This healing energy is beyond intellectual decipher, but somehow perceived in a multi-dimensional sensory manner. In this way, over time, I have learned to trust it - and so healing happens. A meditative state offers me the ease, presence and clarity to guide healing.


Typically the patient is in a comfortable, supported reclining position such as savasana. breathwork/pranayama opens the session. Sound therapy, sacred symbols, crystals support the treatment . Such tools are gateways to transition the patient into an open, more porous state of relaxed receptitivity. Wear loose, comforting clothing. During your treatment my hands will touch you physically, and frequently be above and around you in your energy fields.


Reiki can be a stand-alone treatment or used synergistically with other modalities of manual medicine and yoga. It is a treatment for sentient beings (eg people or pets).


I have studied with 3 reiki masters and have been an active practitioner since 2003.