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Rituals to Sustain Intentions: Micro-dose Asana

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Rituals can help sustain intentions, the creative fuel their growth, help transmute into its next iteration that needed time to evolve. Rituals such as:

  • meditation

  • invocation (a brief statement frame for the day/prayer)

  • pull a card (index you create with keywords, tarot, intention/manifestation decks)

  • creating and visiting a small, personal sanctuary space (if possible)

  • microdose asana flow to dispense nourishment to your intentions

This post focuses on the use of microdose asana to sustain intentions.

Inquire & Reflect: you can embellish your yoga practice with the felt-sense that is part of the source emotional qualities from which your intentions were created.

A sample micro-dose asana is described below.

Slow and mindful pace. Try taking a few extra breaths in each pose to ask what feelings appear in this pose that are in service of my intentions:

  • Seated whirlpool rock (lean in, come around, open heart, surrender)

  • Cat-Cow spinal flexion (go with the flow)

  • Dragon Creeps Out (explore/reflect)

  • Warrior I - hands at heart center (truth, compassion, love)

  • Warrior I - arms overhead (joy!)

  • Warrior I - Archers arms, about to release an arrow (focus)

  • Warrior II (peacekeeper, equanimity, compassion)

  • Revolved/Reversed Warrior (resilient discernment, go with the flow)

  • Warrior III - birds' wings (ride the winds of change, see the big picture)

  • Vinyasa - traditional flow (refresh, refocus)

  • Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana (agility, persistence, focus)

Experience it for yourself in the brief video . Then, co-create! Conjure your own!

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