Here you will find information on retreats

co-led by Suz Lill and Chris Gartner.

We are uniquely talented and respected wisdom-keepers and bring a profound creative synergy to our retreats.

Our combined years of study and experiential knowing is massive. We are yogis, musicians, philosophers, healers and masters of modern and ancient movement therapy. 


Offerings and Intentions

The retreats offered are designed to encourage all to experience a deeper state of well-being and ease right here and now. This will be gently taught step by step with take-home tools that can be interwoven into daily life.

Core intentions are to teach participants ways to foster and cultivate resiliency in all the dimensions of body/mind/spirit. 


Yoga will be celebrated as the means by which we experience our non-separation with the beautiful

intertwining wholeness of all of life.


Music, kirtan, and sound therapy will be offered to help us remain in the now to taste and enjoy our own vibrational nature.


Suz and Chris share and help others cultivate practices of concentration, intuition and sensory perception.

This supports unfolding into the awareness of just being... being! Our offerings are invitations to experience the knowing of our ultimate reality which is the life force that animates every particle!


Themes are perpetually in a state of refinement as participants and collaborative leaders evolve. Stay tuned!


Current retreat themes include:

yoga and sound therapy, kirtan; restorative yoga, meditation and philosophy; juice fasting cleanse, meditation and tai-chi; 

chakra yoga crystal energy and reiki restorative