Like so many others, my livelihood has been deeply affected by the temporary closure of yoga studios. Many online classes I teach are donation-based, pay what you can, and of course if your financial situation is such that you cannot pay you can still take the class. Each studio has their own donation process as part of signing up for a class.


If you wish you can make a direct donation to me here: 

You can also donate by e-transfer to (no password required, I’m set up for auto deposit)

Below is my current online class schedule.

Monday 9:30a Breathe: Level 1 Flow 75m

Thursday 9:30a Breathe: All Levels Flow 75m

Thursday 7:00p Kula: Yin/Nidra 75m

Friday 2:00p Kula: L1 Flow 60m

Saturday 3:00p Kula: Yin 60m

Sunday 11:30a Roots: Yin/Yang 75m

Sunday 3:00p Breathe: Yin 75m

We all use the same platform (Zoom) for online classes.

You will need a Zoom account - it’s easy to use and free.

Create a Zoom account here:

These studios also use MindBody to register & pay for classes. If you don’t have a MindBody account - one will be created in a few steps when you select the class you wish to attend. These 3 studios all have helpful instructions including who to contact if you get stuck. The studios are responsive and really want this to work, but if you need me to help, just email me Here’s a brief overview of how to take an online class with me at each of these studios:



Click on pic Live Streaming Schedule which will take you to the

webpage that has the how to live stream details and the schedule

for sign-up. Scroll down to my class and click Sign-up. Online classes

at Breathe are $12.

416-926-YOGA (9642)