Thai Yoga Massage is performed in comfortable stretchable clothing on a large thickly padded mat or massage table.

I move your body through a flowing series of passive stretches that somewhat resemble yoga poses.  Slow and easy rhythmic rocking is used to position you for stretch. Acupressure compressions along myofascial planes and energy lines deepen the therapeutic intensity.

As traditionally trained, I perform thai yoga massage in a meditative state where my every action is with intention to transit loving-kindess (metta)


This treatment is ideal for:

- reducing symptoms of stress and tension

- restoration, or optimization of range of motion

I started in my training in thai yoga massage in 2009 with Albert Lee of

Lotus Palm, Montreal. Albert taught from his perspective that combined spiritual pursuits and the healing arts. The potent effect of giving or receiving thai treatments, as experienced during that first course, is what inspired me to learn more. By 2012 I had completed training in all 6 levels with Shai and Megan at Still Light in Toronto.

I have been in active weekly practice with this modality since 2010.