The calling to incorporate a broader spectrum of yoga into a class


Suz and Chris collaborate to offer workshops to help new teachers who feel the calling to incorporate a broader spectrum of yoga into their classes. Offerings within this broader spectrum may include energetic awareness, pranayama, sacred sound, meditation and philosophical contemplation.


Duration: 4 hours (2 hours theory, 2 hours practical)


Location: 4 hours presented as a 1-day urban retreat; or 2 2-hour sessions at a studio


Course Outline:


knowing your audience

time management and building sequentially over time

welcoming and self-enquiry

the concept of unique flowering

a container or the vessel

embracing the discovery - offering different tools

building a collaborative relationship with your students

finding your teacher’s voice

pranayama - breathwork, introductory styles


sound - beej sounds, portable tools, vocalization & breath

meditation - sensory gateways, mantra, simple chants, keywords

contemplative inquiry - sources, themes